talk about the present James Durant

Work, you finish this job in this position, you have to organize for me, right? You have to reconcile it with the whole team. Right? You have to keep the rebounds in the inside position. You have to defend the forbidden area, of course. The offensive tactics of those people have been adjusted, right? Well, there’s no way, right? But you have to do your own job well. Well, you have to do what the coach wants you to do, right? So the concept of position is very vague, right? If you say it’s three, even if you say it’s four, it’s one.


But two is two. As long as you play well, as long as you complete the task assigned by the coach, that’s OK. It doesn’t matter what else. We said before, ah, the previous few games, the previous program harvest Garnett, and the gold league plays a lot of small forward positions. So we don’t know. Some netizens told us that we talked about the past things and the past things. Don’t always talk about the present James Durant, Kuri, harden, Paul, I give to Paul George weishao and so on. Then we say, ah, because. After all, we are facing all the masses in this program, right? The old fans really like it very little. I mention some players occasionally

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