Send Owen away! Welcome Walker!

These players are here to give you a chance to hit us in the face. It’s not too big. Well, I think what I said is also very good. What’s the problem? Ah, we don’t have any miracle. If you choose from 8812345678, you will have two choices: the probability event of the left behind warriors and the small probability event of going to the basketball and nets team. Is there a third possibility? We haven’t said that the third possibility is not. So, Tang Seng succeeds, and the left behind warriors have no problem. Owen, go to the basketball and nets team, ah, we also said that it’s OK, then Harris Harris, the problem is, since there is Durant, there can’t be Harris. This thing is one stone after another, which arouses thousands of waves.


Well, the joining of a player will affect the naturalization of another player and the choice of the team. Ah, now the free market, the signing of this year, will affect the direction and pattern of the league in the next two to three years. Sad, every football team can see clearly the Celtic team now. Well, it’s also because of Owen’s departure, right? Er, it’s possible that 140 million Celtics will be signed in 14 years. We have also said that it’s right or not. Owen’s leaving the Celtic team is a great probability and a great probability, which is better than the lottery. Well, stay, there are teams, ah, join the Celtic team, Luo, Zill is also, Fuzheng ah, because he signed, ah, first signed and then changed to a top salary, admitted its value

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