Rockets continue to replenish the front line!

Don’t stick to the position any more. Ah, the concept of position is very, very vague. Paul George, let’s point out that the finishing touch of our business can point out the position free basketball. Ah, it’s very good. This concept is very clear and accurate. It will be the second thing. Now, the Rockets are using their preparation, ah, to make an offer to the whole league, that is to use Wright and a first round signing to exchange for a 3D player. This is the American local report athletic. As we said before, ah, er, it has lost for a long time, OK.


It’s been a long time, a long time, really, for a long time. Every time I think about the Rockets, they will mention this matter. Ah, the Rockets hope to exchange a 3D player with Wright and a first round signature. They are still preparing this rifle in this position. If it doesn’t leak, the rifle will not be missed. That is to say, the Rockets are still not satisfied with this position, which coincides with our idea and our judgment. Ah, because you can understand the Rocket Game anyway, you know that the rocket team is short of. So, er, we say, only Tucker is enough for fario. Barely enough, 0.5

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