Raptors troll the Sixers on social media, special Raptors logos vs special Sixers logos

Wow, Raptors are so awesome, the Raptors managed to eliminate the Sixers in one of the most heartbreaking ways, Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer-beater fell in to give the Raptors a 92-90 win in Game 7. The Raptors’ social media team was also prepared with a post to hit us right where it hurt. It posted a video poking fun at Philly’s traditional pregame bell ceremony.
– Toronto Raptors May 13, 2019
But now irononsticker.net more focus on what their logos can tell us. Now check what logo we can design for Raptors and Sixers: 007 Toronto Raptors and 007 Philadelphia 76ers

Toronto Raptors 3D-look Logos and Philadelphia 76ers 3D-look Logos

Toronto Raptors Basketball logo vs Philadelphia 76ers Basketball logo

Toronto Raptors Batman Logo vs Philadelphia 76ers Batman Logo

Toronto Raptors Embossed Logo vs Philadelphia 76ers Embossed Logo

Toronto Raptors Canada flags vs Philadelphia 76ers USA flags

Toronto Raptors Vince Carter Logo vs Philadelphia 76ers Iverson Logo

Toronto Raptors Halloween logo vs Philadelphia 76ers Halloween logo

Toronto Raptors plastic effect logo vs Philadelphia 76ers plastic effect logo

Toronto Raptors Pokemon logo vs Philadelphia 76ers Pokemon logo

toronto raptors stainless steel logo vs philadelphia 76ers stainless steel logo

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