Principle of hot stamping technology

a49ca424f2725addc042a8fc4078d8e8Hot stamping technology often relies on heat transfer machine to process, in paper, cardboard, fabrics, coating and other objects, can be used to process materials by hot pressing method. Hot stamping is an important processing method of plastic surface decoration, which is often used in household appliances and consumer electronic products. The main material for hot stamping is anodized aluminum, which is composed of two thin layers, i.e. polyester film substrate and transfer layer. Today, I will introduce some knowledge about the principle of hot stamping technology.


The stamping process is divided into four steps:

1. Hot stamping foil and substrate contact;

2. With heat and pressure, the heat transfer layer is fused and transferred to the substrate surface;

3. Unloading pressure, polyester film stripping;

4. Feed hot stamping foil and replace the substrate to be hot stamped.

Good hot stamping effect in addition to consider the substrate, hot stamping machine (heat transfer machine), hot stamping machine fixture and base plate, the most important is the level of temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.