Paul’s leaving!

The previous program said that rockets and thunder can make a deal. We can make a deal around Wei Shao. According to the news media at that time, Wei Shao thunder intentionally traded him out. Ah, her brain is us. In the program, we said that you can play with the Rockets, right? It’s a wise choice to isolate us from the Rockets. What’s more, today, I saw that there was clear, ah, this kind of news, er, this rampant rumor came out. The Rockets also thought that there was a box of dating teams that reached a deal, but they didn’t understand the education theme, that is, what are the trading indexes of the Westbrook rockets.

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I’m not sure. After all, it’s Ca, bellatac, Gordon and Paul. I don’t know. Some netizens said that Paul can’t be replaced. I think Paul is the most likely to change out. The Rockets want to use the other three to exchange for Wei Shao. Do you think it’s worth it. I don’t think it’s true that if the Rockets want to give away, they can’t suffer losses, they can’t suffer big losses. Then both sides can take what they need. Let’s talk about it, specifically, because of the previous programs. What you said is not very good. The system. Well, I smell my grandfather. I didn’t get the idea when I met him. Ah, let’s talk about it again. In fact, this matter is relatively simple. We have already said that in the previous programs, we focused on another company, and some netizens said. Well, thunder, why do you want to trade? Weisbruck, in exchange for Paul and Paul are over 30 years old and more than 30 years old, and can play a serious premium of more than 40 million salary for several years, right? Then the thunder team? He wants to eat Paul’s contract. Ah, it’s not good for the thunder captain, right? It’s not good for it.

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