Paul Gordon

So the rotation of Fengxian County on the third position of the Rockets is basically tuck Gordon. In addition, the combination of furio and, er, green may add a model like one, because the positions of each other are very embarrassing. They are both, one, two, three or four. I don’t know what the situation is. Er, it depends on how d’antony trains the lineup.


Ah, it’s completely finished. The main player who won’t win is Cabela Haden, Paul Gordon. Plus this, Tucker, it’s basically such a line-up. A big four small line-up has opened up into the final stage of the battle. This set of lineup is the most reliable line-up of D’Antoni, and it’s a tough battle for other players. It’s also the time to play them, and it’s also a variable. That’s all, all the records and all the abilities depend on these five players. This is the most powerful lineup of the Rockets. Ah, it’s OK at present. The substitutes, rotation and rotation are not as strong as last season. But this year, ha, Deng is really strong. Can we make up for the lack of depth and rotation of the Rockets’ bench in the playoffs? If it is not enough, it’s up to harden to play at the level of God. So we can go to see the game with the mission and watch the game with this conjecture. Well, the next 20 games, including the playoffs, will see if we’re right.

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