Owen in the talent is too good

I had a discussion with a friend before. I thought his opinion was very penetrating and in place. Why did Celtic team reach such a situation? The main reason is that the goal is not clear. Go on, the intention is not clear, what intention is not clear, the goal is not clear is the future construction of this team, the cultivation of young players, who is the absolute core to build these teams, and then allergy is not clear ah, there is Owen in the talent is too good, Celtic team, the talent is too good, right? There is talent. There are too many players in charge. I don’t know who to build Auntie and which player to cross the line, including Owen. At the beginning of the Celtic team, they wanted to dominate the East, kill James and kill the Cavaliers. Yes, I can turn to the throne in the East. After playing for most of the season, I found out that I didn’t think so. The Celtic team is mostly a single soldier system. Owen should organize the whole team to become a team.


Leader, no matter it is the offensive score data organization, total assists and so on, we should all be ahead of all the players in the team, so that we can become the absolute core. We can’t play like in the Cavaliers team, we can only rely on the individual ability of the players. Ah, the organization, the empty set was arranged by James alone, so Owen’s role in the Celtic team has undergone a fundamental change

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