Next year and make a base with an average of 37 points

Just watch the fight,  as long as you don’t want to be in the same position and lose the plane, harden will continue to brush his scoring champion and continue to expand Jordan’s record, right? That’s very important. Breaking Jordan’s record is very important, very important, once in a blue moon. We said that once we miss this opportunity, we should have a good life. For many years, ah, another player, superstar, has been waiting.

Er, it’s a good chance to break the record of the ball. Next year is absolutely impossible. The realization may need the full vote MVP in the library. It’s 400 plus 3 points. It’s all possible. Is your attendance rate of 400 plus 3 points 78 games or 80 games in that season? A very high attendance rate of Changjun brush 5 programs, 5 times 80 games, that’s 400, right? The attendance rate is very high.

Harden is also an iron man, and the appearance rate is also very high, but. If you want to go again next year and make a base with an average of 37 points per game, I think, ah, this kind of base with extremely low probability, so the Western playoffs are basically like this. The position of 678 is the Yunnan cosmic team waiting to be slaughtered.


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