New York makes friends with Durant! hesitate! firm!

Search Durant. Well, because some netizens left us a message before, let’s talk about Durant well, because we’ve been doing business since the finals. I’ve never done a program. Ah, authentic. About the acquisition of Durant, most of the time, when it comes to Owen, I barely mention Durant. In this program, I’ll just talk about Durant. In fact, it’s very simple. The situation has developed very obviously. No, the third, where to go. First, stay in the warriors, the second go to New York. The Knicks are the two places. But if Durant is not injured, rumors will be full of wind and rain again. Ah, so Durant’s injury problem should be dealt with directly.


With that, the interest of my family has been eliminated, so you can imagine the severity of Durant’s injury. Most or most of the teams who want to buy Durant have already retreated. Er, we have to say that the injury is very serious, as we have said in previous sections. It’s just a question of probability. How much can be recovered? How much can it be recovered? It’s all a matter of probability. Durant can’t reach the peak. Of course, there are miracles. I don’t believe in miracles. I just expect miracles because they happen. You are too young. If you can have a miracle every day, it is not called a miracle. Today, I saw a report saying that New York, ah New York is, New York is, so, New York, Knicks, he should be the most outstanding x, large advertising recruitment, Durant and Durant. New York, I love Durant and so on, ah, recruiting Durant, it seems that New York, ah, now, has fallen into a dilemma. We know that before the New York Knicks, what they were looking for was a lot of, um, No.3 deal, to see if it was possible to trade in some technology with the number three.

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