POPDECAL has new window decals featuring different mythological entities from five different cultures

First we have Kerub , from Hebrew mythology, who is an angel that often mediates between the Divine and human. This praying Kerub has many eyes, which signifies a multiple awareness of the Creation.

Amrita, from Hindu/Buddists mythology, is the fluid of immortality. In this sticker we see the rare event of spiritual intelligence ascending to the Crown chakra thus beginning the flow of amrita, conferring not only longevity but everlasting youth.
In Moon’s Road, from Celtic mythology, there is the depiction of a young Celtic shaman poised on a zig-zag trail lit by the moon light. He is ready for is journey to the underworld.

Melek Taus from Middle Eastern mythology, also referred to as the Peacock Angel, is the lover of the Goddess in the Feri tradition. This entity is also referred to as the God of the deepest self or the Blue One.

Finally, we have the New Aeon Nataraj from the Vedic myths and cosmology. Nataraj means Lord of the Dance and refers to Shiva. New Aeon refers to the next phase of humankind’s collective spiritual growth. His left hand is in the mudra gesture signifying Simba (the lion) and his right hand is in the padma (the lotus).

Not only are these stickers full of vibrant color and visual movement, but they each tell a significant story. They come to us at a time when many people are looking to a spiritual answer to the trials of life.