McGrady was traded in front of the house

Once upon a time, McGrady was traded to the Knicks. Because of his age and the pursuit of life, his performance was not satisfactory. In the field together crazy inevitably, there are no substitutes, even for this time and worry, can not help but interest people, later, the piston voluntarily changed its role to accept the position.

Playing conscientiously and conscientiously, tuoya didn’t choose to stay. Then, McGrady signed a contract with hawks to play diligently. Occasionally, I could talk about the teenage maniac and score continuously. I still remember the most practical time in those years. The influence of 13 point rate in the last quarter of T-Mac was the most practical one. How much I hope McGrady is like this.

But the cruelty of sports is that no matter what, McGrady didn’t get a single offer at the end of the season. However, no one is interested in, which makes people feel sad, but McGrady did not give up on this. He decided to move to CBA. The away fans defected one after another and cheered for each goal of McGrady.

When I saw McGrady, I couldn’t help crying. The significance of McGrady to them was self-evident. It made the Chinese fans on the other side of the ocean so crazy. This has been a great praise for T-Mac’s career, but. Although McGrady played very hard, but compared with other foreign aid beast level performance is still slightly inferior, the end of the season Qingdao missed the playoffs, elected the All Star Ticket king, to give up the all star game and left China.

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