Kobe’s last career was plagued by injuries

After that, I haven’t entered the finals in ten years, and I haven’t seen it in the past seven years. In this way, not only that, but also this team. Since the retirement of Kobe, including the last two years of Kobe’s career because of injuries, in fact, the team has been making this avant-garde choice which has been basically in the draft.

It’s right to fight, but basically it’s really self-cultivation. None of the young people are in their own team and stay in their own team. In the past few years, the Lakers really felt that the management of the Los Angeles Knicks was very, very chaotic before Lao Zhang came.

There are a lot of pictures and performances. The whole team doesn’t have any of this spirit. Besides, ah, the reputation among the players is at stake. Many of the top stars in the league. It’s a joke to say that joining the Lakers. In fact, it’s not only Jen in 2018, it’s more than two years ago.

To tell you the truth, last year, that is, we went back to March and 45, 2019, when James was injured and the Lakers bid farewell to the playoffs to fight for the A-D deal. At that time, the deal was not settled, and it might still be at such a stage of negotiation.

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