James is free!

You have to know that James opened this news media conference. He wants to join the heat. It’s the most stupid kind. This gives people the feeling that he has become a free agent at that time. He has become a free agent. I want to join the heat. Well, I join the heat, OK, join the heat. The whole world thinks that James joined the heat, but you don’t know, Celtic team Garnett was also obtained through trading.


To Celtic team is also through the Timberwolves trade to Celtic, this is a group? Is it through the operation of the team, then how does James get to the heat? Is it the same nature as Durant? I want to tell you. If there is such a historical stigma column, ah, Durant’s reason is different from that of all the others. Other people can wash white. Durant can’t wash white. He nailed it to the stone pool breast pillar. He gave nothing to thunder and left thunder nothing. His reason is that I’m a free agent. Where do I love to go? Break the rules and be unique. You’re not the same as all the other players. Do you understand that? Then you become the benchmark, and your back becomes attacked and sniped. So, there is still that kausins. He is not afraid. The sky falls down and there is a tall man. Anyway, Durant is against me. I’m not afraid to be black and black before you. Durant is the only one who can follow. So what about Corzine? You say he’s stupid. He’s not stupid. He’s not stupid. Anyway, there’s Durant.

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