It’s like basketball

Live broadcast, some, er, the English international network will go to see it, there are many, but this kind of audience can’t do this kind of event, er, the time is more accurate, and the concentration, ah, this, this and this. It’s like basketball. It’s very concentrated. It starts at eight o’clock in the morning, right? It starts at eleven o’clock. You can watch it when you have time. Don’t use it. I’ll help you with the linkage of two or three levels of alarm clocks. I have to watch the game. It doesn’t need to be wrong. It’s also the world championship. This time point is at noon. Sometimes it starts at 1:10:30 in the morning. His back part starts at 12:00, 11:00 and 11:30. We said before that there was a very famous host named Er, this. It’s called semen. This year’s all star game also came out. Host: Michael before. We only know his English name is Michael before. If you type Chinese name, whether you can find it or not is a problem. It is very famous, that is, organizing the world champion.


Eight year old host ah, you can through CCTV this kind of broadcast, you can analyze which one is more valued, which audience is larger, you can see, I want to say again Oh, when basketball entered China.

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