It’s just that he plays from different angles

With this result, his words also changed from indirect to direct, even if it was one or two or three assists, but it can not be without them. The game of assists has also become a turning point. Since then, Owen can play in a game.

The wind is not smooth, the state is not good, but in the absence of his own assists Gao Lin, Owen said, just look at his game angle is different, excuse me, in the future we can look at the game through a common perspective, which corresponds to James’ concept, whether it is a friend or not, we come here.

In order to achieve the goal of zero goal, Owen began to learn how to solve his own troubles. The relationship between James Owen and last season in 2016 was essentially different from that of last season. Although the team sometimes had some performance parts, it was not ideal, but the communication between the two core teams.

And it’s much more valuable, even if sometimes it seems the same contradiction, when you have such a leader, it can be fierce in any situation, we have never seen, he looks tired or overwhelmed.

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