It’s gratifying to see that the remnant array conquers the enemy!

Let’s talk about the expectations of the clippers, right? We’re still expecting a lot from the clippers and the Lakers. So, I’m not reading a book and becoming a team, but I really have expectations for him, right? You should follow such a set of formation features for netizens, I think. Well, the above understanding is a little bit biased. Of course, if you have always known this way, he is stubborn, ah, it is simply ah. The feeling of knowing nothing about basketball means that it will soon become like this. This set of backup lineup is really powerful, ah, what can it represent? Does it represent the weakness of the main line-up.

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Damn, substitute, can you win the game, can you play one or two games, get lucky, play the playoffs, rely on the substitutes, play the finals rely on the substitutes, well, so you say that ah, I I I feel that the substitute lineup, it is generally OK, almost OK, because you have to know that you can’t be very good. It may be very bad. For this champion team, you can’t be very good or even more impossible. For a long time, it is the realization of his own ability and his own salary. Er, if you rely on such a substitute to win, then there is Paul George. What does Paul George do? Paul George has three or forty million dollars. I’ll give you the information We divide them. Come on, that’s why it’s hard to say that you base these expectations on the substitutes. We say that the strength of the main team is the real strength of the team

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