It will still return to curry’s hand

Because every player is able to shoot and has a high percentage of hits, especially if he’s got a lot of green and igdala. He must be able to play with him. He must pay attention to this strange turn and make money in Curie’s hands. Therefore, the marking of pants should be very strict, and it must not be the simple and seemingly simple cooperation before. Say, seduce and lure the ball to and fro, right? It will still return to curry’s hand, and finally he will shoot his opponent with three points. You need to know how the final ending is. The front is empty, the front is fake, so say ah. I think the Clippers still have a chance. Some friends say that I’m a top dog. I don’t force myself to take a position. We always think that the warriors are the better team. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that the clippers can turn over the warriors. If, ah, the clippers can overturn the warriors.


As we said before, we welcome face beating. The black seven black eight game in history is very rare, especially the team that can beat the warriors against this team or this series is a classic welcome to be beaten in the face. After Beverly wanted to defend, Durant used his own way to bite like a mad dog. At other times, he blocked curry and Thomson’s low shooting percentage of the Clippers. Oh, a little bit of hope. I hope I can play six games and seven games.

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