It is because of the winning rate of rivers, a relatively stable coach

It’s hot because rivers is a relatively stable coach, especially the regular season record. One of the reasons why it’s tempting and disappointing this year is that their final regular season record is not very ideal, which leads them to meet a stronger team too early. Of course.

Illness must also be very important. Since you all asked me before, what is the goal of which team? Now I ask you this question. What do you think is the goal of the group of seven teasing people to step down? Ah, am, you really asked the point of the question. That’s why I don’t like the signing of the contract, because I think the goal of the 76ers next season is actually It should be rebuilt.

Maybe it’s not all from the beginning to the end, but I think the team’s lineup should be bold, texture, and now the team has four super contracts. Well, Peter Harris and Ben Simmons have proved that they can’t exist on the field at the same time, and this four-man group we used to be in before.

It is also mentioned in the program that the efficiency of their attack on the court is the last resource group in the league. Therefore, the existence of these four big contracts makes it difficult for this team to go further in the playoffs if any coach is changed next year. Therefore, it is time for the holders.

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