It doesn’t matter whether they are in the fifth or the sixth position

Now the top five teams in the western region are basically. It’s OK to sit down. It’s not a big accident. Although the Rockets are two to three games ahead of the following teams, they are relatively stable. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the fourth or fifth position. I think it’s almost the same in this position. Well, it doesn’t matter whether they are in the fifth or the sixth position.

So they are playing the sixth position. We have to go in the following situation. We have to have trouble with thunder. So we should try our best to be in the fifth place. If it doesn’t work, we can go to the seventh place. Anyway, six and eight can’t go. Standing, um, five and seven can still go. There’s no problem opening the bucket. Ah, harden can also have a rest. It doesn’t matter.

It’s just the back of the team, the clippers, the jazz, the Spurs, who will fall behind. I think the Clippers should be relatively safe. The clippers, too, are not easy. After so many transactions, they almost want to give everyone a bad impression. Yeah, it’s just like that. It’s a pity that if you win a game that you shouldn’t win, you lose a game that you shouldn’t win, right? But it’s a pity that the Lakers don’t fight well, right?

If you don’t play well, don’t blame others, right. This kind of puppet, the coach’s soul chicken soup style coach still seems to be very useful. For these young players, the role is still very big. Um, should we get Reeves? Anyway, it’s a change from left to right? Um. A team to that team, ah, does not need this exchange City, ah, what a convenient thing, right? Our case, ah, love has a point, ah, ouch, I think it’s OK. Well, we can have a try. We can have a try. Let’s talk about today’s rocket team, the rocket team.

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