Isaac Ilyich Levitan

Leviathan was born on August 18, 1860 in a Jewish intellectual family in the town of kibata, near the western border of Russia and Lithuania. His father was a junior employee on the railway, and his family life was very poor. Only a few months after his birth, his father moved to Moscow with his family.





In 1873, 12-year-old Leviathan entered Moscow School of painting and sculpture with the wish of becoming a painter. He was enrolled in A.K. safarov’s class of landscape painting, a famous landscape painter and one of the founders of itinerant exhibition Association. Learn from Petrov and vasnezov, both of them are excellent painters. Leviathan had a hard time in school. Because of poverty, he lived on only three gobis a day, and often spent the night on stools in the studio. At the age of fifteen, his mother died, and after two years, his father left him again. After the death of his parents, he had no place in life. Because he was a Jew, he was oppressed and discriminated by the nation, so he developed his melancholy and joyless introversion. At this time, however, his painting genius was very bright in the class. He was once the founder of Russian realistic landscape painting with the painting “the white billed crow flies” (also known as “the white billed crow returns to the nest”) and he was particularly favored by saprazov, who not only taught him skills, but also, more importantly, how to use the literary tradition of Russian painting in landscape painting The practice of Deep Lyric technique is taught to the intelligent student.