I haven’t signed yet. How could I be traded

Our players went to get in touch with them. If they did, they would have reached the agreement, then the deal would not be cancelled. I think this problem may be the Bucks’ problem, but more likely it is the king’s problem. The king didn’t say hello to Bogdanovic and took it. The Bucks’ chips told the bucks.

It’s OK. Don’t worry. I’ve already said hello to me. He will come to me. You can pay for it. The bucks are stupid. They give their players three packages to the king. They may also be more stupid and leak this news to the media. Bogdanovic may be eating hot pot at home and suddenly swiping his mobile phone.

I haven’t signed yet. How could I be traded? It must be wrong. There must be something wrong. From this, I found that, ah, there is a missing link in the middle, that is, the king has not talked about the wave of the upcoming free agent market and has not renewed his contract. This is just like you, the seller, and you have no goods.

So you start to sell this product, right? For example, amo went to the super m and said that my T-shirt was what I pursued, and then you sold it online. But in fact, he got the money from the resale before he got the goods. So from this point of view, if the management of the king is not good at business, it will be.

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