I am willing to fine you!

To finish Paul George, Paul George must have destroyed him with money, or friendship, money, love, friendship and kinship. Love and money destroy, it destroys her faith, right? Um, Paul George, Californian, um, this, the team you can go to, they are like this. No way, er, to Los Angeles, ah, to the Lakers, I believe it must be the best choice, and it’s right, right. In terms of function, it makes sense for you to play there anyway, right? Well, forgive me for my childhood dream. I believe he must have watched the Los Angeles Lakers’ clippers when he was born. He played this and so star and became his own worship.


Are idols right? Um, these players, these basketball players who slowly step into the palace of life, become their own idols, lead themselves, work hard, ah, in this respect, is this sport infinite development. Every star has his own idol, every player has his own idol, which is sure, right? Now many people come out, little sister, come out and say I’m watching James play. How old is James? James is an idol? It’s NBA players. There are several players this year, interview, which said. James, Allie is his former idol. It seems that James should also retire. Oh, do you want to retire for three or four days

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