Howard and Ford are basically sitting in two bottom corners

Morris, Howard and Ford are basically sitting in two bottom corners, waiting for three-point projection. As we said before, as a big player in the interior, the average three-point shooting rate of 2.5 is 3 times 73 times 8, which is quite terrible for the whole league.

This kind of performance of the players is very rare. Mirotic is one of them. Er, now the bucks are in the queue. They focus all these brands in their own hands. Lopez and Mirotic are all eager to prepare this set of lineups and this set of methods. Well, it’s consistent. It can be used in the playoffs. It’s quite terrible.

Just imagine how terrible the attack is if Lopez, who plays doubles in the playoffs, and mirovic’s combination of inside lines is, with two high artillery tanks and anti-aircraft guns standing outside. Waiting for a three-point chance, one side has a three-point shooting rate of 378, with about 2.5 hits in the field. This is a fatal blow. In basketball, theoretically, there is no solution. You can’t restrain yourself, unless you all attack the outside line. When you break the outside line, your plans are ignored.



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