How to write advertising copy better

1. Be as simple as possible

As we receive a lot of information every day, we should try to compress it. So if we need to remember a thing, our memory will find a way to find the simplest word cloud.

We don’t have any memory of “perceptron” or any association. We have no idea what a perceptron is. So it’s hard for anyone to remember it effectively.


2. Try to know

Simple keywords can’t make us have absolutely correct memory. Because of our limited memory, it is impossible to remember every detail of things. Therefore, when we meet similar things, we will choose to rely on the previous word cloud to remember new things, so as to reduce the extra brain power needed to remember things.

In order to create a new brand word cloud, customers will inevitably borrow other previously known information. So the company keeps asking itself:

What does our brand associate with our customers?

What kind of products will our products make customers compare with?