How to find insight in marketing?

The essence of creativity is not mysterious. It can be summed up as a new combination of old elements. It can be learned through certain methodology training, but insight is not so simple. It is much harder to find a good insight than to come up with a good one.

Insight may come at any time, and everyone can find it, but at the same time it seems elusive. Insight may come from an inadvertent complaint of the user, or a discovery in data analysis, or a sudden insight at a certain time Fortunately, we can use some investigation methods to increase the possibility of insight.
1. All kinds of chatting

The marketing industry seems relaxed and wonderful. Many insights come from chatting. It’s hard to hold good things while sitting in the office. On the contrary, when chatting with users and customers, their words may suddenly bring inspiration.

The most important thing is to contact users and listen to users’ feedback. One of the tips is that you’d better not ask users what they expect from your products, or how we can enhance some functions of users, because these will only let users answer positive information, which is of little value.

2. Observation in the dark

The reason why insight is called insight is inseparable from observation. Observing market situation, data change and consumer behavior can help us to find insights.

The change of market situation can reflect the change of consumer demand. You can get the cognition of consumers by observing the change of the whole market data and the operation of competitive products. Why the sales volume of beer and diapers is significantly positively correlated, and why a competing product sells well can be obtained through simple observation and data analysis. After finding the correlation, mining the causal relationship behind, and insight may appear.