How many people can there be in the whole 20 years

A single player, including, er, the players who can organize attacks and revitalize the team’s control, has been the king’s team, the eighth time everyone, er, plus the modern Yue teacher, er, how many people can there be in the league, how many people can there be in the whole 20 years. Among them, there are only a few people.

Well, Duncan is not the only one to organize and build a factory, but also because Duncan’s organizational ability is broken and forced by harvest. Well, this is not the initiative. Let me say that now is the choice of MVP. For Peter, I personally think that as long as the 76ers can play first in the East and first in the league in the next two to three years, Peter can still win.

With 28 points and 13 rebounds and other luxury data, the MVP is quite competitive, because over the years, we have really gained a lot in this position. Well, what do you know about small forwards and defenders.

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