Hadden is very important

I think Paul is a famous superstar and in the playoffs, often in the playoffs. Ah, we didn’t let us down, except for injuries, except for illness. So, of course, the regular season of this season was really bad. Well, I think it’s not worth 35 million. From the perspective of the regular season, it’s not worth it. It’s definitely not allowed to reflect all the values. It should be in the playoffs. The playoffs are the stage for veteran players. This is the overall situation. Most of the situations are like this. Because there is no competition in the future, you will not be able to play if you don’t play, right? Then Paul, let’s put it aside and don’t talk about it. The key is to talk about harden. Hadden is very important and important.


I have gained a lot of self-confidence this season. Self confidence is very important. So when I go to Gobert and gobel on the team, ha should give full play to this ability. Don’t be afraid, if you are hungry, you may be the best defensive player. It is also the best plan in the past few years. The player’s strong competitor, right? Ah, the inside line has the ability to protect the basket, has the ability to defend, ah, it covers a large area and has the ability to chase and defend. But don’t be afraid to hit the other side’s bridgehead is a victory, because after hitting the arm, after gobel has hit down. Kapi’s got caught in the game, and gatapella entered this one. Well, how to say, fairyland? Cabella went into fairyland and did whatever she wanted

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