Do you want your T-shirt distinctive?

Self-printed T-shirts are a simple and inexpensive way to make T-shirts that feature your band name, team mascot or just an interesting photo or pattern. To get ready to start printing your own T-shirts, you first have to buy some blank T-shirts, come up with a design, and choose the printing method. This paper summarizes three different methods of T-shirt printing, which are template printing, screen printing and heat transfer paper.

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How to use heat transfer paper to print patterns on T-shirts is part of a series of tutorials on printing patterns on blank T-shirts. The tutorial also includes using templates, screen printing, and heat transfer paper. Following this tutorial on how to use heat transfer paper to print patterns on T-shirts and print patterns on blank T-shirts, the tutorial also includes how to use heat transfer paper to print patterns on T-shirts.

spread the T-shirt on the plane. Level any wrinkle or fold. Put the pattern on the heat transfer paper down on the T-shirt. Then a thin cloth, such as a rag, is laid on the heat transfer paper.Heat transfer paper with an iron. Place the hot iron on the cloth to heat the heat transfer paper underneath. The length of time for the iron to be placed on the cloth should be according to the instructions on the heat transfer paper.

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