Davis is the master key

He scored 22 points from three straight games to two quarters. The first game of the Nuggets was the same as that of the Lakers. He only scored 15 points in the first game of the Nuggets. So he started to kill at the beginning of the second stop. Ah, it seemed that thick eyebrows didn’t exist. James scored 20 points for 8-11 in the first half.

But in the second half, there were only nine out of nine, two losses, four assists, three only six points against the Blazers. Davis had six points in the first half and 23 points in the second half against the Nuggets. In the first half, nine points in the first half and 22 points in the second half, the Lakers reappeared the double thigh effect. I said, Davis is the master key, ah, it means he can deal with all kinds of positions.

Attack and defense, he is not as tall as his menstrual period, nor is he as tall as Tucker. So, defense, I was informed last week that he made some moving pictures to show how to visit. This September is Davis. How about its waterproof? The first two are the examples of Murray.

But in the 10 minutes of the third quarter, ah, when Murray was attacking with the ball, Davis kept defending the top of the arc to the basket. In the end, Morey had no way but to hand over the ball. Davis was very flexible and did not lose his position at all. Your second example is in the fourth quarter.

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