Chalmers and Cole

want to know where none of the second brothers have gone. James, what kind of teammates are they? Count them by yourself to see what kind of teammates they are, what kind of achievements they have left the heat, what kind of achievements they have left. They are all old guys who are not wanted by others. The leftovers are, ah, how old Battier used to be, and how old Miller is, right. Tianjin, how old is Foley? Ah, how old is Ray Allen? How old is Ray Allen? Now, where are Chalmers and Cole, where Birdman Anderson is, where is the team? Right? Where are these players? Where is Smith? Do you have a bite to eat. It’s not bad. OK, I think the ball is also very good. It’s just that there are too many injuries. Um, this, Jackson once said, is that the player who kills him is easy to get hurt. If he doesn’t get hurt, he is also a very good player, which is easy to be injured. The other two players are doing what you can’t eat.


You don’t know who he is now. You know what position he is in. Ah, pig teammates are all pig teammates. They are indeed pig teammates. It’s true that pig teammates are all right. But you can’t blame James for his pig teammates. James can reach the finals with a group of pig teammates, and they can win the championship. You have to. But James is powerful.

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