Time is the cure for all wounds

I’m deeply grieved and heartbroken. I can’t recover. So this program can’t be done. James can’t play the playoffs. We’re going to give up this show. We’re typical Jamie. James retired. Let’s not do the show. I’m kidding. Well, that Laker fan, James fan, is very sad. We express the same concern and grief. Hum, we can’t play the playoffs. I can’t do it, right? I can’t pay more than two weeks.


In two weeks, we said that it was very difficult, very difficult, very difficult, but we didn’t say it directly. We said at that time that James had the right to take part in the impact playoffs, and he often had to average three doubles and hide three doubles to have the possibility that you could not reach triple doubles. Don’t think about it. You can see that there are a lot of problems, but I don’t think about it. Professional players always have peaks and valleys. From the perspective of personal ability, James is still at the top all the time, just the team. Are these young players really unable to support ah Dou? It’s really better for the Cavaliers to have good luck with a group of veteran generals and old men. So, er, the main problems are summarized by a large number of netizens, I think there are some. It’s quite up to standard. My personal judgment is that in my personal summary, two words are young, too young. You think you are relatively young, right? Well, the beauty is in charge of the whole empire Dynasty of the Lakers, right? It’s too young. The helmsman will be empty.

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It’s like basketball

Live broadcast, some, er, the English international network will go to see it, there are many, but this kind of audience can’t do this kind of event, er, the time is more accurate, and the concentration, ah, this, this and this. It’s like basketball. It’s very concentrated. It starts at eight o’clock in the morning, right? It starts at eleven o’clock. You can watch it when you have time. Don’t use it. I’ll help you with the linkage of two or three levels of alarm clocks. I have to watch the game. It doesn’t need to be wrong. It’s also the world championship. This time point is at noon. Sometimes it starts at 1:10:30 in the morning. His back part starts at 12:00, 11:00 and 11:30. We said before that there was a very famous host named Er, this. It’s called semen. This year’s all star game also came out. Host: Michael before. We only know his English name is Michael before. If you type Chinese name, whether you can find it or not is a problem. It is very famous, that is, organizing the world champion.


Eight year old host ah, you can through CCTV this kind of broadcast, you can analyze which one is more valued, which audience is larger, you can see, I want to say again Oh, when basketball entered China.

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Owen in the talent is too good

I had a discussion with a friend before. I thought his opinion was very penetrating and in place. Why did Celtic team reach such a situation? The main reason is that the goal is not clear. Go on, the intention is not clear, what intention is not clear, the goal is not clear is the future construction of this team, the cultivation of young players, who is the absolute core to build these teams, and then allergy is not clear ah, there is Owen in the talent is too good, Celtic team, the talent is too good, right? There is talent. There are too many players in charge. I don’t know who to build Auntie and which player to cross the line, including Owen. At the beginning of the Celtic team, they wanted to dominate the East, kill James and kill the Cavaliers. Yes, I can turn to the throne in the East. After playing for most of the season, I found out that I didn’t think so. The Celtic team is mostly a single soldier system. Owen should organize the whole team to become a team.


Leader, no matter it is the offensive score data organization, total assists and so on, we should all be ahead of all the players in the team, so that we can become the absolute core. We can’t play like in the Cavaliers team, we can only rely on the individual ability of the players. Ah, the organization, the empty set was arranged by James alone, so Owen’s role in the Celtic team has undergone a fundamental change

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James is free!

You have to know that James opened this news media conference. He wants to join the heat. It’s the most stupid kind. This gives people the feeling that he has become a free agent at that time. He has become a free agent. I want to join the heat. Well, I join the heat, OK, join the heat. The whole world thinks that James joined the heat, but you don’t know, Celtic team Garnett was also obtained through trading.


To Celtic team is also through the Timberwolves trade to Celtic, this is a group? Is it through the operation of the team, then how does James get to the heat? Is it the same nature as Durant? I want to tell you. If there is such a historical stigma column, ah, Durant’s reason is different from that of all the others. Other people can wash white. Durant can’t wash white. He nailed it to the stone pool breast pillar. He gave nothing to thunder and left thunder nothing. His reason is that I’m a free agent. Where do I love to go? Break the rules and be unique. You’re not the same as all the other players. Do you understand that? Then you become the benchmark, and your back becomes attacked and sniped. So, there is still that kausins. He is not afraid. The sky falls down and there is a tall man. Anyway, Durant is against me. I’m not afraid to be black and black before you. Durant is the only one who can follow. So what about Corzine? You say he’s stupid. He’s not stupid. He’s not stupid. Anyway, there’s Durant.

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Western 6, 7, 8 are all idiots!

Yesterday, I once saw a report on Tencent News. It was also a we media. Anyway, I was very cold to we media. I don’t like it very much. Generally speaking, there are a lot of nonsense. Maybe our cognition of basketball is different from others, or it’s our own level. It’s just for eye-catching. I can’t even get it. Talking about the operation of the Nuggets, I have a look at it. It must be, um, I believe some friends have already seen it, and they have already seen it. So let’s talk about it again. Say that the live operation of the Nuggets is good. How can it be good.


Well, push thunder to eighth, let Rockets play thunder, deliberately lose. This is intentional water release and so on. Er, I think it’s postmenopausal team. It doesn’t have the qualification, strength and brain power. Ah, to think about this kind of problem, how to expend oneself, how to play? I really think that I can control the situation, ah, how can I choose the opponent? I decide to fight against this team, no matter who goes up in the second half of the Western Conference, you have to say, iron kidney must win 4-0. Sweep the opponent 4-1

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Lillard and McCormick can reach

Now, we can also say that the Blazers have a complete structure, so they are playing better and better, and they are more and more regular. It’s also the annual performance of a disciplined force. You can see that ah, it’s really stable. Even if all the people are not optimistic about it, they can still achieve such good results as fourth and fifth.


Well, in the harsh environment of the west, it’s hard to imagine that you say, well, Lillard and McCormick can reach the fourth and third place in the west, right? It’s hard to imagine that no expert would think so or judge like that at the beginning of the season, because of the fact. The Trail Blazers have had a good record in recent years. All of them are very good. So it’s a close match between the Blazers and the Celtics and the Blazers and the thunder team. It’s a close match between Bozhong and Bozhong, mainly because of the thunder team. It’s an unpredictable team, the next show says.

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Hadden is very important

I think Paul is a famous superstar and in the playoffs, often in the playoffs. Ah, we didn’t let us down, except for injuries, except for illness. So, of course, the regular season of this season was really bad. Well, I think it’s not worth 35 million. From the perspective of the regular season, it’s not worth it. It’s definitely not allowed to reflect all the values. It should be in the playoffs. The playoffs are the stage for veteran players. This is the overall situation. Most of the situations are like this. Because there is no competition in the future, you will not be able to play if you don’t play, right? Then Paul, let’s put it aside and don’t talk about it. The key is to talk about harden. Hadden is very important and important.


I have gained a lot of self-confidence this season. Self confidence is very important. So when I go to Gobert and gobel on the team, ha should give full play to this ability. Don’t be afraid, if you are hungry, you may be the best defensive player. It is also the best plan in the past few years. The player’s strong competitor, right? Ah, the inside line has the ability to protect the basket, has the ability to defend, ah, it covers a large area and has the ability to chase and defend. But don’t be afraid to hit the other side’s bridgehead is a victory, because after hitting the arm, after gobel has hit down. Kapi’s got caught in the game, and gatapella entered this one. Well, how to say, fairyland? Cabella went into fairyland and did whatever she wanted

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It will still return to curry’s hand

Because every player is able to shoot and has a high percentage of hits, especially if he’s got a lot of green and igdala. He must be able to play with him. He must pay attention to this strange turn and make money in Curie’s hands. Therefore, the marking of pants should be very strict, and it must not be the simple and seemingly simple cooperation before. Say, seduce and lure the ball to and fro, right? It will still return to curry’s hand, and finally he will shoot his opponent with three points. You need to know how the final ending is. The front is empty, the front is fake, so say ah. I think the Clippers still have a chance. Some friends say that I’m a top dog. I don’t force myself to take a position. We always think that the warriors are the better team. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that the clippers can turn over the warriors. If, ah, the clippers can overturn the warriors.


As we said before, we welcome face beating. The black seven black eight game in history is very rare, especially the team that can beat the warriors against this team or this series is a classic welcome to be beaten in the face. After Beverly wanted to defend, Durant used his own way to bite like a mad dog. At other times, he blocked curry and Thomson’s low shooting percentage of the Clippers. Oh, a little bit of hope. I hope I can play six games and seven games.

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a professional basketball player

But master’s myth ah, master, you listen to the myth that you lost in the finals to win seven. The myth is that after Durant comes, it actually tends to be conventional. He can play the regular McGee, and so on. It’s all official center. No problem, right? This weekend he’s sick or normal. Why? Because after Durant joined, the team’s playing style has changed, and the position has also changed. What position does green play? Durant’s position is not clear. The exchange is very different.


Frequently, um, this change is too many. Let’s go to a professional basketball player, a professional basketball player, or a coach or a professional basketball player. We are just like this. Er, the level of this primary school student is very low. I can’t understand it. When we talk about basketball, we mainly talk about news, reports, analysis and tactical analysis. We never think about it, right. We don’t dare to play tricks every step of the way. If you really understand the tactics, you’re not bad. You don’t have to write these, um, this review, right? I can tell you that those senior in-depth analysis on the Internet are bullshit. I really show you that you understand. You can be a teacher. A ball, we mean a ball, in the middle of the court about four times, can pass a 67 is mysterious ah, it is called exquisite, the conduction time is about four times, then how much is the fourth power of four times ah 2.

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aptors flick their fingers! Victory!

The Raptors and the magic are finished. There’s nothing much to say about 98-93 times. We’re all understating these programs, including pistons, er, playing pistons at this time. Many people play this, this, this, this, and I forget who it is. They are all too shallow to remember. Right? It’s also a little comment. They are understatement and have no resistance. I think the 678 is really bad. Well, for the Pacers, we said it would be very anxious to play to the last minute. This kind of competition is very ugly. In the first quarter of spring, when 41 points were scored, 15 points and 18 points were slashed by the walkers. Some netizens said that if you hit me in the face, you can see that you can beat me in the face by two points.


It’s not that we are high-level, but we are really high-level. You know, in the second half of the game, we have to watch. Because of the competitive ability of Celtic team, he didn’t make such a stable structure. He scored 41 points. It’s not normal. It’s not the normal level.

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