Can the Raptors win the second game?

At 8:30 on May 18, Beijing time, Tencent Sports will broadcast the 2nd Game of the Raptors’Eastern Bucks Final live in this free video. Please don’t miss it. In the first game of the Eastern Final, the Bucks reversed the Raptors, leading the series 1-0. Can the Raptors win the second game under Leonard?

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In the first game of the Eastern Final, both teams played top defensive strength, relying on the success of joint defense to contain the other side’s arrow figures. In Game 1, the Raptors got 26 points on the inside and 44 points on the Bucks, but three points were limited. The Raptors made 12 mistakes, lost 20 points by mistake, the Bucks 13 mistakes and lost 13 points by mistake.

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The defensive strategy of the Raptors also needs to be adjusted accordingly. The Raptors limited the Alphabet Brother’s inside attack to a certain extent, but they did not do well in limiting the Alphabet Brother’s passing routes. Brother Alphabet created a large number of three-point opportunities for the Bucks in the outer space by breaking through the scoring. The Bucks missed these opportunities in Game 1, when they shot 11 of the 44-3 shooting, with a shooting percentage of only 25%. What about Game 2?

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