Can he make more than four blocks next season

Among the honorary nominations, well, at that time, I, I had to try my best to say that the problem was whether he could break into more than four blocks next season. Now it seems that we were a little too optimistic about the prediction at that time, but in fact, I understand why you are so optimistic. Is it because Nick has changed his coach and management.

The previous two coaches have buried this. Michelle Robinson’s talent, ah, the new system may let him release his rights. Yes, someone’s new coach is a coach who encourages defense, so he will definitely reuse Michelle’s wechat. And you see, his summer training seems to have developed three-point goals.

I hope you’ll stop your talk. If you talk about it again, we’re going to have a complete show. Finally, I want to thank all the fans for their encouragement and support in this long season. From our original fans, chatting to now, we’ve got a lot of fans’ affirmation and love.

We are also very, very happy, and we hope that you can always pay attention to and like our program. In fact, as the anchor, we do basketball content. This past year has also made our time of watching basketball more interesting. In fact, we have discovered many possibilities before.

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