Brave men touch people!

The game between jazz and clippers is almost finished. Ah, the Jazz’s overall strength relies on the crushing of the overall strength. Ah, the Clippers are killed. Ah, there is no reference. We said before that there is no Paul George. No, the leader, he doesn’t have Paul George. That’s right. He’s in the plan. What he gets is unexpected. If he doesn’t have two people, he has no reference. If he doesn’t prove it, the clipper is weak, and he doesn’t prove that the corner is so powerful. Good for us to wholesale in the past. Say this, warriors, because there are still a lot of warriors fans, leave us a message, ah, private message, Aite, we are exactly how to evaluate the Warriors team now. In fact, we have said in his previous program that some netizens may be our expression of this messy or said.


There is a deviation in understanding. Ah, let’s say it simply and clearly, and we won’t do too much expansion. Er, according to the understanding of my baa stink and forced cry, we must fully believe it. I believe that the question must be fully believed. We, ah, I don’t think I will let you down. I will not let you down. For this team, his ability is to play in the 1989 West. If he was lucky, he would be out of the playoffs. If he played better, he would be able to play in the playoffs. He was in the position of 1989

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