Because we know that everyone has faith

The Byrd clause is destroying the small ball Market. On the contrary, the Byrd clause is helping the small ball team. Is there any problem? The Byrd clause is not helping the small ball team, but also helping the whole team.

For the NBA team to help them keep young and nurturing young players, good players to give them bigger contracts, give them longer contracts, ah, is that a problem? No problem, because we know that everyone has faith, everyone has wishes. When he earns enough money to earn a certain amount, he will pursue his dream. Ah, this thing is human nature.

You are indelible and irreversible, just like these young players who have been on contract for four years and nine years in the second five years. Of course, they have earned enough money. in the case of earning enough, not losing, chasing my dream, for the team I want to go to, for the city I want to go to play, is this wrong? Is there a problem? Is there no problem? So you can only go with money.

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