Balance league level?

When he makes enough money to earn a certain amount, he will pursue his dream. Ah, this thing is human nature. You are, indelible and irreversible. Just like these young players, the first contract is four years, the second contract is five years, nine years. The money has been earned enough, of course not. When you earn enough, you don’t lose. You pursue your dream for yourself. You want to play for the team you want to play for. You want to play in the city. Is there a problem? There is no mistake. There is no problem. So you can only use money.


Money for money, his dream, his desire to pursue. So Byrd clause must be good for the team to keep players. There is no destroying the small ball Market. It helps you to say who piggy is, in other words. It can also be said to be helping, Daxiong, right? Then you don’t need the Byrd clause, so he won’t destroy your brother-in-law’s body. If there is no Byrd clause, Xiaoqiu market can still live, can it live, ah, the big ball club is because it has appeal and money. There is exposure, ah, about the amount of attention, so that it can attract so many big stars to join in and move into you, Xiaoqiu team. If there is no Byrd clause to support it, how can you fight against the big club? So I think. I didn’t understand this article. Maybe my understanding ability is limited. If the small ball team thinks that the Byrd clause is harmful to their own interests, they can not give up. You can give it to the big ball club and let them use the bird clause to help you.

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