At that time, there was really an invisible mine in this place

So I think that no matter at that time or any other coach, there was a very big challenge. I think in addition to this, the more important one is that the disadvantage is actually experience. Although in recent years, there are many rookie coaches, there are many cases in which the coach who joined this team in the first year led the team to win the championship.

Yes, I think how a player can transform his experience as a player into that of a head coach. In fact, the experience still needs a period of time. How to turn that into a coach at the level of championship and finals in a year’s time? In fact, there is a considerable risk. Yes, you don’t want to.

Fat, there is also a very, very terrible problem, that is, when Nash signed with the Nets coach, there were many black players, including the retired player, who came out to talk about this very sensitive race issue. Now the American race problem is a very serious one.

Ah, well, I’m very optimistic about the signing of this landmine, but from the point of view of moyley, you can see why it is you who have just signed the contract.

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