aptors flick their fingers! Victory!

The Raptors and the magic are finished. There’s nothing much to say about 98-93 times. We’re all understating these programs, including pistons, er, playing pistons at this time. Many people play this, this, this, this, and I forget who it is. They are all too shallow to remember. Right? It’s also a little comment. They are understatement and have no resistance. I think the 678 is really bad. Well, for the Pacers, we said it would be very anxious to play to the last minute. This kind of competition is very ugly. In the first quarter of spring, when 41 points were scored, 15 points and 18 points were slashed by the walkers. Some netizens said that if you hit me in the face, you can see that you can beat me in the face by two points.


It’s not that we are high-level, but we are really high-level. You know, in the second half of the game, we have to watch. Because of the competitive ability of Celtic team, he didn’t make such a stable structure. He scored 41 points. It’s not normal. It’s not the normal level.

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