All of his deals are foreshadowing for a bigger operation later

It always makes people feel that these transactions are foreshadowing for greater operation, which reminds me that the nets made a lot of transactions before Owen and Durant signed last year, such as changing klebsieu to hawks to clean up.

Important space at that time, after the deal, Eminem also immediately stood up. He said that the nets should have big moves and big money. That’s right. Ah, now I feel a bit like that. It’s calm before the storm. First of all, the net was replaced by Musa earlier this week.

The pistons point guard, Bruce Brown, is also a defensive player and the great God in our three C’s. they are very strong in stealing the magic king, and then they completed a three-way trade with the pistons and the Clippers on the 19th of this year’s draft convention, and got their shooter shammett from the Clippers.

The nets signed No.19 in the first round, sent it to the pistons, and their Luke Kennard gave the Clippers a pole in exchange for a young player. The shooting power of the shooter and a defense barrier are not worth talking about, but it is a very good defense position and then steals very much.

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