a professional basketball player

But master’s myth ah, master, you listen to the myth that you lost in the finals to win seven. The myth is that after Durant comes, it actually tends to be conventional. He can play the regular McGee, and so on. It’s all official center. No problem, right? This weekend he’s sick or normal. Why? Because after Durant joined, the team’s playing style has changed, and the position has also changed. What position does green play? Durant’s position is not clear. The exchange is very different.


Frequently, um, this change is too many. Let’s go to a professional basketball player, a professional basketball player, or a coach or a professional basketball player. We are just like this. Er, the level of this primary school student is very low. I can’t understand it. When we talk about basketball, we mainly talk about news, reports, analysis and tactical analysis. We never think about it, right. We don’t dare to play tricks every step of the way. If you really understand the tactics, you’re not bad. You don’t have to write these, um, this review, right? I can tell you that those senior in-depth analysis on the Internet are bullshit. I really show you that you understand. You can be a teacher. A ball, we mean a ball, in the middle of the court about four times, can pass a 67 is mysterious ah, it is called exquisite, the conduction time is about four times, then how much is the fourth power of four times ah 2.

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