To bucks fans!

Some fans and friends who have been watching the football for a long time have discussed this point of view. It’s not my own point of view. I’m a collection of the strengths of a hundred schools. Ah, learn from each other. Ah, let’s talk about it. Well, if you really play in the finals, I’ll take a point of view. The Raptors can play without Durant, right? If there is Durant, the dragon dance team will still fall into a strange circle of attack or defense. Please remember.


In each series, there will be a main core point. We will start to expand this core point and share the hope with you around this core point. We can get an accurate result, accurately predict and hope. A netizen just now, ah, a netizen left a message for us. Well, it seems that bucks fans ah, um, is an unqualified West Ring Road to Gongming. The Bucks lost. They started to leave us crazy messages, right? Um, this sad one came out to bite people and was locked in by us. Accompany me to close your little black room, ah, our understanding of the Bucks, ah, or a word, ah, this point guard, no problem, right? Fred’s kick. You see, today’s last game played very well, our uncle gave three to take eight points, three times three shooting rate of the worst performance.

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The Jazz made nine full mistakes in the quarter

In the second half, the difference between outside players and inside players came out. Thick eyebrows play better and better, there is still no one to stop in the three-point line, and even scored two three points in this quarter.

But Mitchell’s hand slowly came down, except for the three points in the beginning of this quarter, he was almost invisible. Once Mitchell doesn’t work, the Jazz will lose the backbone, and with the sudden increase of defense strength after the first pause of the Lakers, the Jazz will start to make various mistakes.

The Jazz made nine full mistakes in the quarter, and the Lakers took advantage of them to score 13 points, almost half of their total score. The house leak happened to rain at night. In the last two minutes of the festival, Goebel got his fourth foul and had to sit down again.


At the end of the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles team focused on Jamie’s pick and roll, while the Jazz focused on their multiple points. But the key ball, you know – the thick eyebrow 3 + 1!

You see how powerful the thick eyebrows are, the outside line holds the ball to face gobel, a crotch changes after the pull back three points, in the case of gobel did not lose the position, facing gobel’s amazing arm spread to play 3 + 1.

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when he played the Spurs in 1314

I’m a little busy. Now I’m also verifying our statement, right? He’s over extended. The possibility of cramps is not very high. Why, the possibility of cramps? You should go up in the fourth quarter. Then James, when he played the Spurs in 1314, got a big leg cramp. Then the fourth quarter didn’t go up as usual. There is no problem. The cramp can be eased. You can also see the cramp on the football field, right? Stretch it, right? Slow down, then go up. There is almost no whole fourth quarter. Under the condition of discount, the following is very important. Oh, if you play zero to two, you have to face the early judgment. In this case, when there is no play in the fourth quarter at the critical moment, I think that, er, the probability of stretching coverage strain caused by excessive extension is very great. Well, now there is our saying that the big probability of the third game is that it can’t block well. Then I’ll test some of my lineups. Can Durant come out? Ah, I don’t think it can come out. Ah, maybe it’s the third game, which is the most difficult and also the embarrassing situation of lack of soldiers. If you want to fight a raptor, there are also injuries, and Lori is also injured. Right, what kind of moral help is it? But the two injuries may be still.


The situation is not so serious, ah, so it’s not the key part, right? So, well, the winner is on one side, the warriors fans are really the champion for three consecutive times. Ah, it’s hard. It’s good to be green. It’s not that the life is thin and the fortune is shallow. Ah, there’s no life in it. It’s just tomorrow’s game.

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Thunder is waiting for you!

The attack of public opinion, right? Warriors fans, please, we can only say bonsai, ah, but on the Internet, Feng Ping, you can see that one side of the opposition is asking Durant to play after losing the fourth game. No one blame Thomson for his hairiness. Just like Durant didn’t pay, and because Durant didn’t come back, the warriors left the Cavaliers 1-3 behind, right? This is not my nonsense. I believe you can see why, why should Durant take the responsibility for losing the game? The program of the testimony of our NBA cobbler has gone from last year to now, I believe. Everyone thinks that I am Du Hei. So, after listening to my several programs, should I still think I am Du Hei? First of all, we say that we are a fair and impartial program. We should look at the problem from a neutral point of view. So, if there is a right or wrong, we should say that it is fat, right? Durant lies in this matter.


He doesn’t have to bear any responsibility. He just because his personal nerves are too sensitive, no strong heart, and no strong heart. His source is easy to be provoked by others, ah, by public opinion. Instigated by the public opinion and criticized by the public opinion, Durant, er, er, has no clear mind. We can only say that he has no clear mind and is motivated. Now Durant has to bear some responsibility for the result, but this is quite few. Compared with that time, we can see how the thunder team protected Durant. For example, the thunder team, ah, the last few games, there were almost seven or eight balls in the last few games, and five or six games. The playoff tickets were close at hand. Durant was also injured, but the thunder team did not. Brent played any game, a game is to play a ball to be able to enter the playoffs, warriors have only one goal, thunder only one goal is to enter the playoffs, Wei Shao that year, ah, can’t support, ah, why that year alone, love a person to lead the team.

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Thompson and green of the green warriors

Walker kenbabcock is a player who is seriously overvalued and can’t be renewed with the top salary. Because of ANN Anthony, all this has affected many players’ free players. In the free market, the evaluation, er, including whether or not Jimmy Butler will go again, has also been relaxed. Before we predicted that the 76ers would renew the contract of Jimmy Butler, but now the Lakers have formed a double giant. Now, if Jimmy Butler is willing to come to the Laker, let’s face it. Starbucks, a player’s top salary, I think it’s worth it. As we said before, there are three options for the Lakers to make up this summer. The first option is the best. Thompson and green of the green warriors will consume the overall strength of the warriors, so this year. The warriors, including the warriors next season, will be uncompetitive. Therefore, it is the best time for the Lakers or other Western teams to compete in arms race to win the Western championship. The second option is that Leonard and Jimmy Butler are strong, so they can go further in the playoffs and play the finals.


Absolutely, the advantage of the third option, Anthony Davis, plus Owen, there can be no problem in other players, ah, in the case of other players do not have, ah, in the case of other players Thompson, Glen Leonard, Jimmy Butler Do not get Anthony Davis and Owen are also among the Laker is the ideal thing to see. Anthony Davies, once the two giants are formed, you can bring in the team. You should remember that you can bring in the players who want to compete for the championship and want to join the team in the free market. Now, it is the one who puts the resume fast and the price is low. Of course, I always think that the Lakers want to win the championship, to get the championship easily, and the champion can get the total more easily. The champion, Leonard is the first target and the most important day.

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