20 best NFL Draft rights in history, look at the familiar figure

20. Deion Sanders CB, Atlanta Falcons

1989: fifth in the first round is one of the top corner guards at his golden age. Eight career wins, two Super Bowl wins, one in San Francisco and the other in Dallas.

19. Terry Bradshaw QB, Pittsburgh Steelman

1970: first place in the first round in 1970, the Steelers hoped to find their quarterback in the first place, and they succeeded. Bradshaw did nothing but win in his career. He led Pittsburgh to four Super Bowl wins, two of which were MVPs.

18. Gale Sayers, Rb, Chicago bear

1965: fourth in the first round Sayers tore up the defense during the league. He’s twice ahead of the league in size, four times in the starting professional bowl and in the ’60s in the decade.


17. Dick Butkus, LB, Chicago bear

1965: third in the first round, Butkus is considered one of the strongest hitters of all time. He was selected eight times in the professional bowl, finishing his career with 27 steals and 22 steals.

16. Jack Lambert MLB, Pittsburgh Steelers

1974: it’s hard to argue that Lambert was the best lineman of his time in round 2, 46. He has been selected as a first-team all professional for six times, including five consecutive seasons in 1979-1984. Lambert was nominated for the ’70s and’ 80s decade.