POPDECAL has new window decals featuring different mythological entities from five different cultures

First we have Kerub , from Hebrew mythology, who is an angel that often mediates between the Divine and human. This praying Kerub has many eyes, which signifies a multiple awareness of the Creation.

Amrita, from Hindu/Buddists mythology, is the fluid of immortality. In this sticker we see the rare event of spiritual intelligence ascending to the Crown chakra thus beginning the flow of amrita, conferring not only longevity but everlasting youth.
In Moon’s Road, from Celtic mythology, there is the depiction of a young Celtic shaman poised on a zig-zag trail lit by the moon light. He is ready for is journey to the underworld.

Melek Taus from Middle Eastern mythology, also referred to as the Peacock Angel, is the lover of the Goddess in the Feri tradition. This entity is also referred to as the God of the deepest self or the Blue One.

Finally, we have the New Aeon Nataraj from the Vedic myths and cosmology. Nataraj means Lord of the Dance and refers to Shiva. New Aeon refers to the next phase of humankind’s collective spiritual growth. His left hand is in the mudra gesture signifying Simba (the lion) and his right hand is in the padma (the lotus).

Not only are these stickers full of vibrant color and visual movement, but they each tell a significant story. They come to us at a time when many people are looking to a spiritual answer to the trials of life.

Connect to your Customers with QR Codes iron on transfers

QR codes offer a modern, cutting-edge way for marketers to grab audiences’ attention and target them with optimized advertising. Codes are free to generate and fun for consumers to scan, and now you can get them directly from our website.

What are QR Codes?
QR codes (Quick Response codes) are like barcodes, except they can store much more data, including downloadable content.They were first developed in Japan and became popular in the industrial sector as high-speed tracking and scanning tools. As more and more people began using smartphones and other mobile devices, QR codes entered the world of marketing.

QR codes can be read by just about any camera-equipped mobile device with a QR Code reader application. Basic QR code reader applications are usually free and easily downloaded.

How It Works now offers an easy way for you to generate a QR code and upload it onto any sticker you’d like. From our QR code page, you simply select the type of QR code you want to generate, fill out the relevant information, and upload it to your sticker. For optimal readability, we recommend dimensions of at least ½” x ½” for QR codes.

Marketing Potential
You can create several different kinds of QR codes, depending on your needs. It’s good to keep in mind that, generally speaking, the most effective QR codes are ones that offer value to users.

Your QR code can act as a vCard (a virtual business card) that inputs your contact information into the “contacts” database of the user’s phone. It can contain simple URL information that sends the user to a designated web page. It can contain simple information about discounts, sales, sweepstakes, or product or location information. It can enable customers to download an application or request a PayPal payment from the person scanning it. You can even set up SMS text messaging through a QR code to allow customers to sign up for contests, deals, and coupons or communicate with your customer service representatives.

Consumers are becoming increasingly open to scanning QR codes, so now is the time to start exploring their marketing potential at your company.

Heat Transfer printing – Identifying and resolving problems

People are telling me that this could be interesting, so I wanted to share with you.

Heat transfer printing – Identifying and resolving problems

Holger Beck, SEF – The digital transfer printing market has been growing for years. While this has to a certain extent displaced classic screen printing, it has also opened up new opportunities and markets. The barriers to entry are low: all one needs to get started is a small investment into a plotter and a transfer printing press. The potential problems have remained the same, but new problems are caused by the new process fabrics. A multi-part series of articles is designed to help users to identify problems and to develop possible solutions. There are no silver bullets for every issue, but users can develop a recommended set of actions by having an understanding of the background. As a result, the work can proceed faster and more cost-effectively, while also avoiding customer complaints.

Dye migration

I would like to devote this part to a subject which is often called “Resublimation”. In my view this description is not correct. The term Sublimation is used to describe the process whereby a solid substance turns into a gas or vapour without passing through the intermediate stage of liquefaction. The term “Resublimation” gives the impression that something has been sublimated again. However with the pigments used in fabric printing, Sublimation only occurs at temperatures over 190°C, but not at the usual transfer temperatures and certainly never at room temperature. When transfer films become discolored on polyester fabrics it should be called dye migration. I would like to try to explain how dye migration occurs and what you can do to counter it and to what extent.

Problems with dye migration can be divided into 4 categories, the simplest of these is: no polyester, no dye migration.

23 Creative Mardi Gras Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Watch the parades, sip some drinks, and have a great time in custom Mardi Gras shirts from! Your group will stand out on Bourbon Street in custom t-shirts, hats, and more for your Mardi Gras celebration. Need some inspiration? Check out our Mardi Gras team names iron on transfers below. If you see something that would look like a party on a shirt, customize t-shirts for your whole group t shirts.

Mardi Gras Team Names iron on transfers

Mardi Gras Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Beads & Boobs

Bourbon Brigade

Jazzy Gals

Glitter Bombs

Roux Troupe

Cajun Me Crazy

King Cakes

Bayou Crew

Confetti Club

Beadfore & After

Bead Queens

Big Easy, There

Float On

Gumbo Groupies

Bead Me

Nola Ladies

Pardi Gras

Beignet Babes

Jest in Case

White Knights

Big Easy Bunch

Masked Maniacs

We Roll for Creole

Mock Trial Sayings & Slogans iron on transfers for t shirts

Lay down the law with a new mock trial saying or slogan iron on transfers. Check out our iron on transfer list below, and let us know your favorite in the comment section. If you are looking for a unique way to unite your mock trial team, show your opponents you mean business with personalized t-shirts or polos.

Mock Trial Sayings Slogans iron on transfers

Mock Trial Sayings & Slogans iron on transfers for t shirts

Stop! Gavel Time
Don’t Make Me Use My Lawyer Voice

I See Guilty People

I Don’t Argue, I Just Explain Why I’m Right

Mock On!

We Talk, You Listen

Meet Me in the Courtroom

Don’t Mock Trial Me

I May Not Be Right, But I Sure Can Sound Like It

Think. Speak. Listen.

Sand Volleyball Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Bump, set, and spike your way to the top with a sand volleyball team name. We did some digging, and put together a list of some of the best sand volleyball team names iron on transfers we could find. They’ll look great on your personalized tees, tanks, or jerseys! Check them out below.

Sand Volleyball Team Names iron on transfers

Fun & Creative Sand Volleyball Team Names iron on transfers

The Sand Slingers

Clever Beaches

Serves Up

Sets on the Beach


Sandy Shorts

Served Hot

Block Party

EZ Pass

Soft Serves

Tough Beaches

Beach Bums


Block and Awe

Sand Storm

Fun & Creative Team Names Iron On Transfers for Surfing t shirts

Hang Ten! And choose surfing team name iron on transfers for your club or group t shirts! We’ve put together a list of some great surfing team names below. Check them out, browse our customizable tees and hoodies, and create surfing shirts that will unite your group and stand out on the beach.

Surfing Team Names iron on transfers

Surfing Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Wave Runners

Hang Loose

Barrel of Fun

Wipe Out

Stay Salty

Party Wave

Tides & Vibes

Beach, Please!

Reef Riders


Soul Surfers

Team Names iron on transfers that Start with ‘O’ for t shirts

Looking for team name iron on transfers that starts with the letter ‘O’? Check out some of our favorite team names iron on transfers that start with ‘O’ in the list below. Once you find one you like, don’t forget to browse our selection of customizable t-shirts, tank tops, and jerseys iron on transfers! They’re perfect for any sports team, school club, or charity event.

Team Names that Start with O

Team Names iron on transfers that Start with ‘O’ for t shirts










One Hit Wonders


Organized Chaos

Out of Our League




Light the Night Slogans & Sayings iron on transfers for t shirts

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society host Light the Night Walks across the nation to raise awareness for blood cancers. A year’s worth of hard work and dedication is celebrated the night of the Light the Night walk. Those who have fundraised, participated, and supported the crusade against cancer walk together carrying illuminated lanterns.

Unite your group with a list of our favorite Light the Night Walk Slogans & Sayings iron on transfers. If you see something you like, head to our Design Lab to customize your t-shirt, hoodies, or hats!

Light the Night Walk Slogans Sayings iron on transfers

Light the Night Walk Slogans & Sayings iron on transfers

Up, Up, & Away with Cancer
“Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way in the dark.” —Timothy Hawkeye

Lighting the Night for a Cause & a Cure

Nothing will dim our lights!

“Be the lighthouse. In your light, others will be illuminated.” —Gabby Bersten

With each step, we light the way to a cure.

Together we—
fight harder,
walk stronger,
& shine brighter

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” —Martin Luther King Jr.

One light may not make a difference, but a thousand together sure can

Lighting the Night for a Cause and a Cure

Stepping Out for [NAME]